“You’ve got to become an artist”

Today while I was working on mural number 7, the local alcoholic said to me :
– you’ve got to become an artist
– I thought that what I am, I said
– No, I mean you must put your pictures in frames and sell them to rich people for big money
– I do that occasionally, but right now , I fancy giving my work on the street to the people for free, I said
– Are you stupid?  she asked. Your hat and your sun glasses – all that you need is some garlic around your neck and you will be totally French .
Then she laughed and walked away with her can of beer

The Fourth Wall

Over the weekend when I was working in the studio I noticed something remarkable. A posse  of little schoolgirls arrived in the afternoon with their small suitcases, planted themselves near the murals and proceeded to do makeovers on each other and then photoshoot in front of the murals! I didn’t take any photos of them as that would have been intrusive and embarrassed them, but it was really great and made me feel that I’m really doing the right thing by making this art here, for everybody, in this otherwise void and derelict space.

I’ve picked the wall I want to use as the site for the 4th mural, and I’ve done the drawings.

Nazir Tanbouli all rights reserved

Nazir Tanbouli all rights reserved

It’s sunny and I’m ready to go!

Nazir Tanbouli all rights reserved

This one will be live before the end of the week. Watch this space.

Something to remember

tanbouli & Manz 2012

Yesterday I finished working on the 3rd mural, the collaboration with Valentine Manz. It was a really interesting experience as I’m not really the collaborating  type but as I said before, I love Valentin and his work , being with him feels like being with Juan Miro, not that I’ve been
hanging out with Miro but this how I expect him to be like … just another Valentin.
Anyway, we did it and we got accused of witch-craft by one of the locals while we were at it, which give us something to remember.

As for what is next, I don’t know. I will go and walk around the block a few times until  my
next wall calls me.

Making a start

I have permission from the London and Quadrant Housing Association to take over a semi derelict housing estate in east London and use the buildings (there are over 12 buildings) as a space for a mural exhibition. The project starts in March and is supposed to conclude during the Olympic games this summer.

nazir tanbouli mural 2

I’m working with ink on paper collaged on the wall, this way I can start now, and will avoid working outdoors in the cold winter. I’m doing it all so far on my own expense. Ink on paper on wall is a technique that as a mural painter I always wanted to do yet it was always dismissed by clients and commissioning bodies so I decided to put my theory to the test and see how it survives a few months of English weather; if it can survive that it can survive anything.

So far I started with 1 and 2, above; currently working on 3 with German artist Valentin Manz as a collaboration piece.