Making a start

I have permission from the London and Quadrant Housing Association to take over a semi derelict housing estate in east London and use the buildings (there are over 12 buildings) as a space for a mural exhibition. The project starts in March and is supposed to conclude during the Olympic games this summer.

nazir tanbouli mural 2

I’m working with ink on paper collaged on the wall, this way I can start now, and will avoid working outdoors in the cold winter. I’m doing it all so far on my own expense. Ink on paper on wall is a technique that as a mural painter I always wanted to do yet it was always dismissed by clients and commissioning bodies so I decided to put my theory to the test and see how it survives a few months of English weather; if it can survive that it can survive anything.

So far I started with 1 and 2, above; currently working on 3 with German artist Valentin Manz as a collaboration piece.

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