Working all day, every day

It’s been raining here in London, and that’s made me pause in the process of putting up murals. Every day I go to the studio and look at the work as it sits there in the rain and I wonder when the rain will stop and I’ll go out again.

If I was just painting I might go out and do it anyway – I did THE BOMB SHELTER mural in Valencia, Spain in the rain (video here) and it was manageable. But in THE KING’S LAND I am doing something much more sensitive and so I can’t work in the rain. So what to do?

The plan is to just keep working, all day and every day, drawing. Experimenting with drawings, working with different brushes, getting myself into that blissful Zen state when anything can happen. Not really thinking about it, just making a direct encounter between me and the brush. The thing you have to know about me, I love to draw. No, correct that – I LIVE to draw.

And in this process, enlightenment happens. I’ve got some clearer ideas as to how I’ll proceed when the rain stops and I’m out again. I have a vision for the next buildings.

I’ve got about 9 weeks left to go until I can say “I’m finished.”

– Naz

1 thought on “Working all day, every day

  1. In spite of the rain you are daily inspired. I like the way you expresses your feeling about your art. I really felt the passion through your words. Respect!

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