waiting game …

These days, it’s a waiting game. Every day I go to the studio and draw huge drawings on vast sheets of paper and wait. Every day I see the blank walls of the estate teasing me, and I want to go out and make murals. Then the rain comes.

I guess I was lulled onto thinking it was gonna be easy, when they said it was drought. As son as the word ‘drought’ was uttered (and as soon as we said “barbecue”) the skies opened and lo!

This April was the wettest April on record in England, the rain didn’t stop, and on the last Sunday we had in one day a month worth of rain. There is flood warning in 30 different places, damage to houses and loss of lives and live stock. This puts things in perspective.

I’m happy to say that my paper paste-up murals proved strong but not strong enough to stand for this kind of weather. I lost many of them to the rain. People just assumed that I am going to give up, and I can’t deny it’s depressing to see your stuff on the floor like that. But as I’ve said many times what I am doing here is the opposite of the safe environment of the gallery. Out here I am dealing with the street and all that this implies.

Anyway –  hey I have got tons of papers ready  to stick when the sky stop pissing; and I promise you the new work is much better 🙂

taken in the rain with my phone…

Am just waiting for some dry, then I can just go cover simply everything with murals.

blankness waiting: the estate last summer

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