The biggest street art project in London by one artist.

That’s it, it’s true THE KING’S LAND is really the biggest street art project in London by one artist. And we are celebrating it!

Nazir has done this project almost single handedly. He has been ably assisted by Anna Chiarini , and also by Rita Ruggeri and Alessandra Tortone. His friends Tony Lee and Valentin Manz have also contributed terrific work to the murals. But in the end it has been Naz who’s done it – without sponsorship, on his own initiative –  an art work that is there for everyone to enjoy, regardless of who they are.

The project is finishing today and the murals will remain until the building is finished. We will post the remaining murals and then we’ll post the final stages as the building is hoarded and then torn down and the murals are no more.

And after that, the film.

– Gillian McIver; project manager and documentation.

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