TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND official screenings

The final sound is laid and the film is officially finished. June 1 is the first screening and therefore the ‘official release date’

June 1 at Puny Gods Cinema in Exeter, at the BILL DOUGLAS CINEMA MUSEUM

June 7 – 12 at Sheffield Docfest Videotheque

“Some people called me a street artist . … Some called me a wanker.” Nazir Tanbouli, Taking Over the King’s Land.

What on earth is an Egyptian doing painting the walls of a condemned block of flats in East London? As the city prepares for the 2012 Olympics, the Kingsland social housing estate lies in ruins, synonymous with crime and brutality. Taking Over The King’s Land follows artist Nazir Tanbouli and his self appointed task to take over the condemned housing estate and cover it with art. He battles the endless rain and the bitter weather of the “British summer.” Can art counter the urban atmosphere of deprivation, blight and neglect?