Gillian McIver –  photographer and film-maker

Gillian McIver is organising  the project, and is also managing the documentation. She is a UK based Canadian artist and writer, trained as a photographer and  film-maker, with a background as a cultural historian. She is particularly interested in curating and documenting site-specific practice, and co-founded the site specific art group Luna Nera ( She runs the resource  Her website is:  Gillian is photographing the project as it happens and also collecting footage for a film about the project in its wider context of art, urbanism and change. All of the photos of THE KINGS LAND are copyright Gillian McIver. If you want to use any of the photos of the project in any commercial way, please contact the blog for permission. A slideshow of the photos is here, all copyright Gillian McIver and may be used with permission.

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