Vernissage ( a fancy word for Party)

On 30 June the King’s Land will be completed, officially. As you will know if you’ve been following this blog, it’s been a good few months of making murals and remaking them. After June 30 though, the murals will stay as they are until the building comes down, in late autumn. I’ll have covered every building on the estate.

So, those of you who are in or near London, please do come on Saturday and celebrate the project. I can’t promise great weather, but I can promise art and music.


A wall full of Eyes

What is it about eyes that make them so compelling? This wall is dominated by eyes! It’s the second time I have done this wall; the first mural was destroyed by rain. It is a great wall to work on, right next to the studio.

Someone called me the “Ink Butcher” on Facebook.

Again, I want to thank my assistant Alessandra Tortone, above, who dedicated another day of her time to work with me on putting up the mural.

Very productive weekend

It’s amazing how sun changes absolutely everything. Got on with murals this weekend and by Sunday night had produced these:

Below:  On Saturday evening as I was in the studio the local Asbos (Antisocial juvenile delinquents) came and ripped the right side of the mural. On Sunday I repaired it so here you can see both versions.

And the big whale is finally on the wall, after swimming around the studio for too long:

I’m lucky to have really great, hardworking and dedicated assistants on the project. Here’s Anna, who was here on Sunday.

Something to remember

tanbouli & Manz 2012

Yesterday I finished working on the 3rd mural, the collaboration with Valentine Manz. It was a really interesting experience as I’m not really the collaborating  type but as I said before, I love Valentin and his work , being with him feels like being with Juan Miro, not that I’ve been
hanging out with Miro but this how I expect him to be like … just another Valentin.
Anyway, we did it and we got accused of witch-craft by one of the locals while we were at it, which give us something to remember.

As for what is next, I don’t know. I will go and walk around the block a few times until  my
next wall calls me.