weather and walls

I did say I was going to look at another wall and so it was ..

But the forecast is unrelenting and it’s raining again. So no live drawing outside for the foreseeable future.

Sorry to let anyone down, but drawing in the rain just can’t be done.

a wet wall – I drew on it when it was sunny but after a day of rain you can see what happens to it, no drawing possible.

Having said that, I am not going to cry about it. This is the wettest spring and summer since before records began. Huge areas of the UK are flooded and people have lost homes, businesses and, in some awful cases, lives.

just rain and more rain

So if we just have to postpone our art projects for a while , we can live with that.


I can hardly believe it. Yesterday it was marginally sunny and nice and I got ready to get out and do murals. But my assistant could not make it so I put it off till Thursday – today. I wake up today and it’s RAIN AGAIN. I mean – AGAIN!

That means we had one (count it ONE) dry and barely-sunny day since exactly 1 April.

I’m glad I didn’t do a mural yesterday cos it  would not have had time to dry properly. Lesson to be learned: paste-ups are a risk in England. But even if I was using paint, the walls are streaming and nothing would work. The old crumbly walls hold a lot of damp too, that’s why whatever you’re using needs some time to dry.

please put me on the wall!

On another note, the project is featured in the excellent blog “MiddleEastLondon