During the whole project The King’s Land the process of creating murals over an entire derelict housing estate was being documented by film and photography.

The film, TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND  (running time 23:00) is complete and is being released by New Reel Films. It’s being submitted to festivals at present. For more about the film, click on the menu above.

Here’s the trailer:

Taking Over the King’s Land  on Vimeo.

There will also be a short book published by Studio75 to accompany the film, coming out in late 2013.

The King’s Land in The Urban Snap

The Urban Snap street art blogger has been following the King’s Land since its early days and he paid a visit to the site the other day.

NAZIR TANBOULI by THE URBAN SNAP  © 2012 The Urban Snap – London’s Finest Street Art

This one’s done

The weather has been really awful for April! Very cold, which makes it hard to be mobile when dong the fine work, and occasional very heavy showers that come and undo your work soon as you’re happy with it.

Still, we’re going strong. This wall on Laburnum Street was completed yesterday:


The Fourth Wall

Over the weekend when I was working in the studio I noticed something remarkable. A posse  of little schoolgirls arrived in the afternoon with their small suitcases, planted themselves near the murals and proceeded to do makeovers on each other and then photoshoot in front of the murals! I didn’t take any photos of them as that would have been intrusive and embarrassed them, but it was really great and made me feel that I’m really doing the right thing by making this art here, for everybody, in this otherwise void and derelict space.

I’ve picked the wall I want to use as the site for the 4th mural, and I’ve done the drawings.

Nazir Tanbouli all rights reserved

Nazir Tanbouli all rights reserved

It’s sunny and I’m ready to go!

Nazir Tanbouli all rights reserved

This one will be live before the end of the week. Watch this space.